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646f9e108c In the future, Japan is a wasteland. In the Great Kanto Desert, scattered humans eke out a living in the hot sand. Among them, a short-statured man they call "Sunabozu" makes a living as a bounty hunter. Like a demon of the sand, he seems unbeatable. Yet, like all men, he has a particular weakness for the opposite sex…
Desert Punk revolves around the titular mercenary, who will do anything (for a price) so he can to get by in the harsh post-apocalyptic Kanto desert.<br/><br/>The art is well done, there aren&#39;t many grand vistas in the desert so for what they provided, the art team made the scenery interesting. The animation is really nothing to write home about, not terrible not fantastic.<br/><br/>One of the strongest features of the show is definitely it&#39;s strong cast of supporting characters, all of whom contribute to the plot and have interesting/entertaining interactions with each other. The main character, with Desert Punk, is notable for being just an all around selfish asshole, sculpted by the unforgiving desert, with literally no redemptive qualities. <br/><br/>DP draws similarities to Lupin III, of whom I am a fan of, in that they are operatives with unmatched talent. This is when the show shines, Desert Punk in action. Watching him execute his plans and use his wits is when I found myself enjoying the show the most. However, there is a good amount of fluff that you have to wade through to get to these parts. <br/><br/>The plot was well paced on a whole. Starting with a few one offs to introduce the characters, the overarching story that appears in the later half of the series is well put together, making use of callbacks to previous one offs and such. <br/><br/>I didn&#39;t much care for the frankly obnoxious sidekick character, too much of a Determinator. DP&#39;s over the top obsession with boobs (to a very close to rape-y extent) was something that I was willing to overlook until it was dragged out to the extent that it was and made it off putting. Otherwise, the visuals are acceptable and the story shines brightly when it gets serious but is bogged down by the aforementioned fluff, and DP is a interesting take on what a protagonist is (ie. insane and cruel to the weak).
The Desert Punk, the Demon of the Desert, the Kanto Desert&#39;s Number One Mercenary, Sunabozu is the pint-sized protagonist of this series. Desert Punk is the &quot;hero&quot; only because he&#39;s the lead character. Chasing after women and money are his entire life and he intends to get both through being the best mercenary, do-any-job handyman in post-apocalyptic Japan.<br/><br/>The character is unique in that he will become obsessed with something at the drop of that hat, but that characteristic is not the standard deus ex machina that writers usually use it as. He&#39;ll obsess over a gun, get the gun, and lose the gun and it won&#39;t have to do much with the plot. Obsessing over jobs gets him nearly killed several times, such as obsessing over destroying a tank so much that he attacks with with nothing but a knife after several failed attempts.<br/><br/>Anatomical and gross out humor are very common in the series, but funny. I expanded my vocabulary for slang for breasts by watching this, even noting a &quot;Tits McGee&quot; reference from Anchorman.<br/><br/>If you like your heroes callous and immature, yet still adventurous and exciting, this is the series for you. Harder edged than Lupin III, but softer than Hellsing. I know that&#39;s a weird location, but that&#39;s where the tone of the series lands. Orphans are sold and toilets are blown up, but hey…<br/><br/>that&#39;s life in the Kanto Desert.

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